Calls cost 7p/min plus your operator’s access charge.

Given that the British Telecoms Group is one of the leading telecommunication service companies in the world, it is no surprise that they have a mobile division, called BT Mobile. As with any company of this size, you will find a lot of complaints online if you look up reviews about the services provided by BT Mobile but for many people, they are a reliable and effective mobile provider. The BT Mobile Contact Number will connect you to a friendly advisor who can address any concerns or questions you have about signing up, switching or leaving the network.

The company is growing all the time and in early March 2016, an announcement is likely to be made with respect to the BT Group buying out EE, which will strengthen the position of the company in the United Kingdom.

BT Mobile 4G services

One of the most consistent claims that you will find from the network is that they offer the best value 4G plan in the United Kingdom. A quick look at the company website details the BT Mobile value package price alongside the comparable price from other mobile providers, and the claim is backed up by facts. Given that most people should be looking for value for money in everything they do these days, this sort of package is a key reason in why many people choose to use BT Mobile for all of their mobile needs.

As you would expect from such a massive company, BT Mobile is just one area of service the main company provides and a lot of users like to combine their BT Mobile package with broadband connection, TV packages, specialist sports packages and landline coverage. Whether you just need a mobile phone or you want all of your telecommunication needs catered for, this is a company that can provide you with everything you need. The convenience that comes from one firm taking care of everything for you will mean that many people are looking for the BT Mobile contact number.

Contacting BT Mobile is a simple process

If you are looking to contact BT Mobile, you will find it easy to do so, but of course, like most major companies, they try to direct your call or enquiry to a specific department. In the long run this is better for the customer but it can seem frustrating at first when all you are looking for is a phone number or an email address. It is possible to live chat with someone via the website chat app, you can send them an email or you can use the BT Mobile telephone number and call them directly.

Anyone that is looking to make a complaint will find that the BT Mobile site provides them with many options. A cynical person may think that BT Mobile is trying to bamboozle people and hope that they will become frustrated in trying to find the right option and then decide not to raise a complaint against the company. The company lists a number of issues that some BT Mobile customers have, including:

  • Issues relating to an account or bill
  • Being unable to make or receive calls
  • Unable to use data / 4G
  • Having problems with BT Wi-Fi hotspots

If you are experiencing any of these issues, contacting BT Mobile is the smart way to find a solution or be informed of what you need to do in order to obtain a better standard of service.

How do I switch to BT Mobile?

Changing network operators is a simple process, however you will need to obtain your PAC code from your existing service provider. Check out our in depth guide to keeping your mobile number.