The only thing certain in the aftermath of the Brexit vote is that, in the long run, the UK will be fine. Its people are too smart, too hard-working and innovative to be kept down for long and once the adjustment period is over things will start looking up again. It’s that adjustment period though that has a lot of people worried. How long will it be and how severe? How will the return of sovereignty affect things like energy prices, travel, foreign investment and mobile phone charges?

Many experts trying to make a name for themselves are predicting the end of civilization as we know it, or at least the end of free international roaming. But is that the case? And if not, how can a mobile customer pick up the best deals in this post Brexit UK marketplace?

2016 is Not 2018

The first and most important thing to keep in mind is that even after article 50 is invoked and the divorce clock starts ticking it will be a further 2 years before the UK officially and completely cuts the cord with Brussels. That means the good people currently indulging their belief that the end is nigh will wake up a month from now and find the UK is still part of the EU and there are still plenty of great mobile deals out there.

What happens after 2018 will happen after 2018 and we’ll have plenty of time to prepare for it, although it’s likely that international roaming and other current perks will still be available in some form after the formal split. All that said, here are a few things to consider when looking for a great mobile deal during the upcoming transitional period.

  • Contract or SIM-only? – With a new contract you get a new phone which can be a major perk. On the other hand a SIM-only deal provides many of the same benefits of the contract option with the difference being no handset. This is fine, however, for those who don’t wish to give up their current phone.
  • Which Tariff is Best for You? – It’s probably not wise to pick a tariff based on price alone. There are other things that enter into the picture when it comes to which tariff is right for you including:
  • Minutes: If you live on your handset, you’ll want to be sure you choose a plan that has you covered for all eventualities. On the other hand, if you’re the type that doesn’t use your phone all that much there’s no point in paying for unlimited minutes. Keep in mind too that several companies currently offer free international roaming!
  • Texts: The number of texts you’re allowed each month will also vary from tariff to tariff. Unlimited texting is a popular option but again, it’s only really useful if you spend a lot of time sending and receiving text messages.
  • Data: This may be the most important thing for most people to consider with cyberspace being so video heavy now. 10GB can be chewed up in a single day if you’re fond of watching music videos or streaming movies or TV shows. Anyone so inclined will need unlimited data, or have to reign in their affinity for moving pictures.
  • Length of Contract: Some people just have to have the latest handset. As such they won’t want to tie themselves down to a lengthy contract. If, however, you’re not the kind that loses sleep over whether you have the absolute latest mobile, a longer contract can often be cheaper on a monthly basis.
  • Speaking of Handsets: The most important question to answer when choosing a handset is “What will I be using my phone for most of the time?”
  • If you live more in the real world than the virtual world a basic phone that will allow you to call and text should be more than enough. Many of them can take decent photos as well and have some other basic functions like an alarm clock and calculator.
  • If you’re into apps, streaming video, high quality photographs and more, you’re going to want a smartphone. There’s no way around it. Smartphones today have more computing power than PCs from just a few years ago and can take better photos than many stand-alone cameras.

Yes Brexit is here and no it’s not the end of the world. There’s going to be a long, drawn-out adjustment period during which you’ll still be able to enjoy some great mobile deals. So take a deep breath and start shopping around.